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Need a flawless service? Dexatel takes care of every path of your journey. Multiple channels like SMS, RCS, or Viber drive deeper customer engagement.
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For Businesses
For Businesses
Use SMS for business communication purposes, whether it is marketing or transactional messaging.
For Operators
For Operators
Use SMS for business communication purposes, whether it is marketing or transactional messaging.

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Our qualified team has more than 10 years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry, particularly in international calls, carrier services, roaming services, SMS hubbing, A2P messaging, SMS transit and Cloud PBX, as well as the VoIP and SMS technologies.
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Dexatel gives you an opportunity to use a messaging platform easily without any trouble. By trying our platform you can find out how easy it is to access and handle reports, user administration, contacts and content samples in one SMS marketing platform. Our platform will give you an unparalleled reach to your customers across the world.

Have any questions or enquiries? Do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our experienced technical team will always be happy to support our customers. Feel comfortable to ask your question to our team at any time and rest assured you will get a reply in a short time.


Visit our bulk SMS pricing page to get information about our prices for each country separately (no registration required). With the help of our platform, you can organize the right time for sending your text messages.

SendSMS.Global provides an opportunity to send various types of contents through a single software. You can send promotional messages, reminders or notifications with one advanced SMS platform.

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